The Mountain Men Book (Signed Edition)


The Mountain Men book is the result of four-year photo documentation about a group of men who follow in the footsteps of America’s greatest most daring explorers and pioneers known as The Mountain Men. This extraordinary group has the ability to survive under any weather conditions using only what nature has to offer.

The book features 240 pages, filled with over 100 highly detailed photos, historical articles, stories from the trails, and an index with descriptions that takes the reader on a historical journey. To give justice to the amazing sceneries we’ve also included some pages that fold out to create a large panoramic image of 72cm wide!

By going over the images in the book the reader will experience what the life of The Mountain Men in the 19th century must have felt like. Complemented with stories and explanations about techniques used by the fur trappers the book also contributes to the preservation of the skills and knowledge of the original Mountain Men.

– Book size: 24 x 34 cm (9.4 x 13.4 inches)
– 240 pages
– 100+ photos
– Worldwide shipping is available
– Warning: This book contains imagery some may find offensive

10% of each purchase send to the United States will go to the preservation of The Museum of the Mountain Men in Pinedale, Wyoming.